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    Lion Jim receiving the Lion of the Year award

    Melvin Jones was born on January 13, 1879 in Fort Thomas, Arizona, the son of a United States Army captain who commanded a troop of scouts. Later, his father was transferred and the family moved east. As a young man, Melvin Jones made his home in Chicago, Illinois, became associated with an insurance firm and in 1913 formed his own agency.
    He soon joined the Business Circle, a businessmen's luncheon group, and was shortly elected secretary. This group was one of many at that time devoted solely to promoting the financial interests of their membership. Because of their limited appeal, they were destined to disappear. Melvin Jones, then a 38-year-old Chicago business leader, had other plans.
    "What if these men," Melvin Jones asked, "who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" Thus, at his invitation, delegates from men's clubs met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organization and on June 7, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born.

    Melvin Jones eventually abandoned his insurance agency to devote himself full time to Lions at International Headquarters in Chicago. It was under his dynamic leadership that Lions clubs earned the prestige necessary to attract civic-minded members.

    The association's founder was also recognized as a leader by those outside the association. One of his greatest honors was in 1945 when he represented Lions Clubs International as a consultant in San Francisco, California, at the organization of the United Nations.

    Melvin Jones, the man whose personal code – "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else" – became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over, died June 1, 1961 at 82 years of age.


    Melvin Jones

    Mission Statement: To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.


    Lion Marj taking care of the syrup

    Lion Steve and Kelly serving up some gravy

    Lion Linda, Lion Lori and Lion Lisa

    doing cleanup

    Lion  Kate and Lion Dave serving up some pancakes

    Some of the things the Lions do for others.

    Lion Steve has graduated from serving sausage to now serving pancakes

    Lions Club International

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    Upcoming Events

    Pancake Breakfast Saturday May 22nd. 6:30-11 AM We are back to having a Pancake Breakfast. Proceeds benefit the Savannah Fire Company. Come see the new improvements. 


    Lion Katie Willeke

    I have been a member of the Savannah Lions Club I believe 4 years .

    I became a member because of my dad, Steve Willeke. Growing up I saw that he was part of something special, and what the Lions stood for and their services within the community such as The lions club breakfasts were always fun to go to, I would meet up with a lot of people no matter if I moved out of town whenever I would be home and there was a breakfast I would go to Savannah and meet up with a crew of friends. I knew that It would be an honor to be part of a wonderful group. Now, I am not only a member but I hold officer positions which is a great honor. Last year I went the district convention and participated in sessions, business meetings, elections, and the formal banquet which was truly amazing to witness all the “Lion Spirit”. I left the convention very much inspired and motivated to carry on and grow our Club memberships, traditions and services.

    My hobbies are I love the outdoors(boating, hiking, camping, etc.) , going up to Lake Erie (especially the islands), meeting up with friends and family (now of course social distancing), and going on “adventures” with my two little furbabies Bentley and Ivy.


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    For those that did not know, the Lions Clubs also supports diabetes awareness. November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Please follow the link listed for info.  Lions Diabetes Info